What We Do

Horses and humans both come into this world with parallel fears. When fear isn’t addressed properly or at all, it leads to other conditions such as depression, anxiety, distress, frustration, confusion, and trust issues along with constant guilt and self-condemnation which have proven to be the hidden cancer of most.  At Son Bride Ranch, we use horsemanship to illustrate a horse’s path from fear to confidence having a human in control to lead and build trust with the horse. In turn, our guests who have been a combination of athletes (amateur, collegiate, world-class, and professional), corporate professionals, entrepreneurs, at risk youth, teachers, school counselors, bullies, bully victims, and Ramico and Sue Lyn’s very own children discover their own path from fear to confidence by giving the saving grace of God--given through Jesus Christ--all the control to lead and build trust with them. Naturally, a true relationship with a Perfect Father is either kindled or rekindled.


Consequently, our guests can, have, and begin to see with clarity who they really are and what they were meant to do. The lies and deception that fear many times spoke to them sit exposed and lose their puppeteering control of them. Our guests begin to see themselves as champions whether or not they’ve won championships; achievers before they have achieved; successful prior to a show of success. They begin to see that this was them all along but, now, there are no lies from imperfect relationships, past or present failures, disappointments, and/or fear blurring their vision. Thus, in short, we help our guests see who they truly are so they can accomplish what they were truly designed to accomplish.