Get Involved

Getting involved currently encompasses four different avenues to co-labor with Son Bride Ranch. Volunteering has always been a great foundational piece of our purpose and will always remain a fundamental. This principle has its way of continually rewarding the volunteers with a great sense of worth and value as it empowers them and us all with something to give. Naturally, confidence grows and a humble sense of power adds to the atmosphere. Volunteering entails a mixture of ranch chores from mucking (poop scooping) horse stalls/runs to working closely with some of our horses for those who are qualified to do so. Surely, we did not all grow up in a barn and for those who did not, we offer basic horsemanship skills and lessons (free of charge with the exceptions of patience and getting dirty) to work as close to horses as you feel comfortable to do so.

Son Bride maintains its status as free to the public as well, therefore, donations will always be a welcomed way to get involved. We are proud recipients of some donors in our community whose donations have ranged from financial gifts to tack and equipment. Our donors also enjoy a tax deduction since we are recognized by the IRS as a 501c3 tax exempt organization.

We, too, have enjoyed our status as a word of mouth business organization as it has allowed us to keep our time with our guests and horses quality time. Consequently, the word spreads…so please keep spreading it.

Finally, some of the greatest ones involved are simply the ones praying for the ministry, purpose, and people within the fences of Son Bride Ranch and all that it encompasses outside its fences. These prayers are always most welcomed.

However you are lead to potentially get involved, feel free to contact us.